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  5. 23 Jul, 2018 2 commits
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      feat(script): Git hooks · 5f418145
      Adrien Oliva authored
      - Three hooks added in repository:
              - commit-msg: that add Signed-off-by footer in every commit
              - prepare-commit-msg: Add a commit message template in comment
              - pre-commit: check for non ascii filename and for whitespace
      - Add script to install hook in a given git repository
      Signed-off-by: Adrien Oliva's avatarAdrien Oliva <olivaa+gitlab@yapbreak.fr>
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      feat(script): Release script · 1b69a9f1
      Adrien Oliva authored
      Allow simple release commit, given a tag name and a tag message.
      This script will update ChangeLog.md, NEWS.md using preparerelease
      script, update AUTHORS file using git shortlog command and finally
      commit and tag those files in a consistent way.
  6. 18 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      Provide README · 03db9240
      Adrien Oliva authored
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      feat(script): Import initautotools · e1c80470
      Adrien Oliva authored
      initautotools is a bash script that create all necessary file to
      kickstart an autotools project. It will create the following files:
              - COPYING: with selected license (only WTF-PL for now)
              - ChangeLog.md and ChangeLog as symbolic link to ChangeLog.md
              - NEWS.md and NEWS as symbolic link to NEWS.md
              - README.md and README as symbolic link to README.md. README
                will contains pipeline status badge and coverage badge from
              - configure.pre: premise of configure.ac file used by
                autoreconf. configure.pre will be converted to configure.ac by
                version.sh script, providing correct version information based
                on git tags.
              - autogen.sh: automatic generation of AUTHORS file, call
                version.sh script and then run the right aclocal and autoreconf
              - version.sh: analyse git tag name and convert it to version
                usable by libtool in configure.pre file. Produce configure.ac
              - Makefile.am: basic rules to compile source in src/ subfolder,
                unittests in utests/ subfolder, get coverage report with
                `coverage` target.
              - Makefile.common: common Makefile configuration such as CFLAGS
                and LDFLAGS.
              - cppcheck: script to invoke cppcheck with useful options.
              - src
                      - <name>.h
                      - <name>.cpp
                      - <name>.pc.in
                      - Makefile.am
              - utests
                      - Makefile.am
                      - ut_<name>.h
                      - Makefile.test.common
                      - main.cpp
                      - fixtures
                              - Makefile.am
              - doc
                      - document.h.in
                      - Doxyfile.in
                      - Makefile.am
              - .gitignore
              - .gitlab-ci.yml
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      feat(script): Import preparerelease · 0eb1c532
      Adrien Oliva authored
      preparerelease is a python script that parse git log to generate
      ChangeLog and NEWS files.